grizzygriswold (grizzygriswold) wrote,

Walk a mile in another avatar's shoes wrap-up.

Tonight was the wrap up for the annual walk a mile in another avatar's shoes event. If you missed the start read about it here. This discussion will make more sense after you read about what everyone did for the week and why.

Thanks again to Lludmila Mirrikh for the pictures

The transcript for the wrap-up discussion is below:

[18:38] Grizzy Griswold: The way tonight is going to work is that first I will share how the week went for me... and then we will on a volunteer basis go around and share.... AND as an incentive to volunteer early after you have told about your week you may change back to normal.
[18:38] Legolas Ceawlin: We get to see everyone change back. YAY
[18:38] CyFishy Traveler: "normal" being a relative term in SL of course. ;)
[18:39] Grizzy Griswold: so if you are really sick of your av.... it would behoove you to go early so I'll share first
[18:39] Cady Enoch: is that why you are going first?
[18:39] Grizzy Griswold: yes, partly. (-:
[18:40] Grizzy Griswold: First of all I find it really hard to relate to myself in this avatar. since it doesn't look like anything with a face or body, I find it hard to think of it as "me". I feel slightly dehumanized and that is not helped by the fact that some people did not realize that I was person...
[18:41] Blodwynna Smalls: probably thought you a sploder or a dance ball
[18:41] Grizzy Griswold: they thought I was part of the background.. a decoration
[18:41] CyFishy Traveler: People kept trying to click on you, did they?
[18:41] Grizzy Griswold: or in about a 1000 cases, yes a dance ball
[18:41] Legolas Ceawlin: you make a lovely dance ball
[18:42] Angelina Expiento: yes, you appear as a dance ball
[18:42] Grizzy Griswold: If I went to any club, I kept hearing "Why doesn't this dance ball work?"
[18:42] Legolas Ceawlin: Especially at that place that didn't have one
[18:42] Lludmila Mirrikh: You should attach a chimera.
[18:42] Liska Fuchs: Especially at that club that didn't have a danceball
[18:42] Grizzy Griswold: and that is the thing I am most looking forward to not hearing anymore
[18:42] Beginning Thursday: I'll bet!
[18:42] Lludmila Mirrikh thinks that's hysterical.
[18:42] Grizzy Griswold: I also got a lot of "I don't think you've rezzed yet, Grizzy."
[18:42] Legolas Ceawlin: poor grizzy
[18:42] Glorfindel Arrow: all the steam
[18:42] Lludmila Mirrikh: Very funny!
[18:43] CyFishy Traveler: Oh, dear.
[18:43] Kiwi Nitely: so i take it, ur not staying an orb, Grizz?
[18:43] Angelina Expiento: how did you decide to be a ball Grizzy?
[18:43] Grizzy Griswold: ..and several people asked me what I was supposed to be..and I didn't have a good answer
[18:43] Patapon Monday: an orb
[18:43] Lludmila Mirrikh: A sphere
[18:43] Blodwynna Smalls: A bubble of mountain dew
[18:43] Daedelus Clarity: ur an orb
[18:43] Grizzy Griswold: well, Angelina... I had been a whole bunch of different things in SL but I had never been a completely abstract avatar.
[18:43] Grizzy Griswold: so I t hought it'd be a new experience
[18:43] Angelina Expiento: and it was, yes?
[18:43] CyFishy Traveler: And indeed it was.
[18:43] Patapon Monday: ok next year some kind of furry, Grizz?
[18:44] Grizzy Griswold: this is the only av I've had in SL for this experiment that got huge amounts of attention
[18:44] Legolas Ceawlin: I can see that
[18:44] Grizzy Griswold: I was also told to turn my mist off at one of the clubs we went to
[18:44] Kiwi Nitely: it's pretty hard to miss ; ))
[18:44] Grizzy Griswold: the club owner was kind of rude about it. she said I was causing lag
[18:44] CyFishy Traveler: Once people figured out you WERE an avie, you mean?
[18:44] Blodwynna Smalls: OH pshaw
[18:44] Legolas Ceawlin: da nurve
[18:44] Angelina Expiento: all they have to do is turn off particles
[18:45] Grizzy Griswold: but the way she asked was "How would you like it if I came to your place and did that?"
[18:45] Lludmila Mirrikh: That's silly!
[18:45] Blodwynna Smalls: maybe the particles but particles don't cause server lag .. just client lag and they can dial their particles down
[18:45] Legolas Ceawlin: that's my techie love
[18:45] Liska Fuchs: Your ARC is only 400-something
[18:45] Cady Enoch: yeah, sounds kind of rude to me.
[18:45] Legolas Ceawlin: as a human she had a much bigger arc... 3000 I think
[18:45] Grizzy Griswold: Yes, I either was completely ignored because people didn't know I was an avie
[18:45] Grizzy Griswold: or they would constantly ask what I was supposed to be
[18:46] Grizzy Griswold: and one friend at church said she'd have trouble relating to me if I looked like this all the time.
[18:46] Grizzy Griswold: I will say the only thing that I really do like it about is the fact that I don't have to worry with furniture. (-: I can just float anywhere
[18:47] Kiwi Nitely: or clothes, grizz
[18:47] Liska Fuchs: Yeah, I'm not sure I'd hang out here as much as I do if the club was run by a bubble
[18:47] Grizzy Griswold: I kind of miss my clothes though
[18:47] Legolas Ceawlin: Bubble head. right, Liska
[18:47] Moz Barthelmess: now build some orbs just like your avi, grizzy, and leave them at the places you've been hanging out
[18:47] Grizzy Griswold: .... so unless anyone has any questions.. I guess I'm done and the next person can go.
[18:47] Moz Barthelmess: people will spend ages talking to the furniture :)
[18:47] Cady Enoch: you're free, Grizzy!
[18:47] Blodwynna Smalls: Make them have your name and tag as floating text
[18:48] Patapon Monday: so are you going to transform now Grizzy?
[18:48] Grizzy Griswold: yes, but you talk while I do that. (-:
[18:48] Patapon Monday: ok
[18:48] Cady Enoch: are you wearing anything under that, Grizzy?
[18:49] Kiwi Nitely: i only know u as an orb!
[18:49] Patapon Monday: Well, for those of you who dont know me I am RL female usually with a female human avatar
[18:49] CyFishy Traveler: So what was it like being a guy for a week?
[18:50] Angelina Expiento: You do make a really cute guy ;)
[18:50] Patapon Monday: even on the first day I was more adventurous. I went off and found some live music performances, never did that before although i wanted to.!
[18:51] Patapon Monday: also plucked courage to ask Glorfindel about sailing and started do that too - also on my To Do List for SL
[18:51] Cady Enoch: that's interesting, Patapon, that you felt that way
[18:51] Patapon Monday: i feel safe wandering around as a man than as a woman
[18:51] Legolas Ceawlin: It's our cultural conditioning
[18:52] Patapon Monday: also felt braver talking to Glor as a guy
[18:52] Lludmila Mirrikh: Undid the sex angle.
[18:52] CyFishy Traveler: Well, that and you're less likely to get hit on by noobs as a guy.
[18:52] Patapon Monday: so i may keep on sailing in male form to be braver about taking risks
[18:52] Caoilin Galthie: it was interesting to hear you patapon doing the service in voice chat on sunday
[18:52] Patapon Monday: I was surprised nobody commented at the time
[18:52] Caoilin Galthie: and it has made me rethink using voice chat as caoilin
[18:53] Legolas Ceawlin: Female voice coming out of male body
[18:53] Daedelus Clarity: sounds interesting, but I think alot of that is in ur mind. Guys do get chickened out.
[18:53] Glorfindel Arrow: I gotta say seems like most of the top sailors are women, now
[18:53] Caoilin Galthie: as far as you know!
[18:53] Patapon Monday: so Caolin how did it look to you, guy leading the service in a womans voice?
[18:53] Angelina Expiento: I tried sailing almost day 1. was really bad at it
[18:54] Daedelus Clarity: no worse than talking koalas
[18:54] Caoilin Galthie: it was just fine!
[18:54] Patapon Monday: yes I also have a Tiny koala
[18:54] Patapon Monday: read the gospel recently
[18:54] Caoilin Galthie: i have been really nervous aobut the idea of using voice chat in sl at the cathedral, so i think you showed me the way patapon
[18:54] Patapon Monday: I think Dae found that strange
[18:54] Caoilin Galthie: really?
[18:54] Patapon Monday: why Caolin?
[18:54] Daedelus Clarity: Pat, I think the stuff u are attributing to men, is actually a part of yourself you haven't acknowledged.
[18:55] Patapon Monday: prolly right dae
[18:55] Daedelus Clarity: Look up Jung some time.
[18:55] Caoilin Galthie: i think we all have masculine and feminine sides to our personalities
[18:55] Legolas Ceawlin: me too Caoilin
[18:55] Caoilin Galthie: so maybe you are letting that come out to play a bit
[18:55] Daedelus Clarity: so the role helped you bring that out.
[18:55] Patapon Monday: so Cao which are you anyway?
[18:55] CyFishy Traveler knows a thing or two about that notion.
[18:55] Caoilin Galthie: i am male in rl
[18:56] Angelina Expiento: we do, but i think some of us are definetly more dominant male or female in rl
[18:56] Patapon Monday: well give it a whirl sometime, we can support you
[18:56] Caoilin Galthie: thanks
[18:56] Caoilin Galthie: so come to the service tommorrow, you MIGHT have a suprise
[18:56] Legolas Ceawlin: I'd like to go next
[18:57] Grizzy Griswold: go ahead Leg
[18:57] Legolas Ceawlin: As most of you know I'm a tiny normally. So I worried how I would be accepted in the tiny community. I felt a need to explain that it was only for a week. Didn't actually get any rejection. I think it was more inside of me. The tinies sort of shrugged and said OK. It was great fun dancing to the biggie dance ball. I think it was Pat who was saying we're a different culture and I was a bit outside it for awhile
[18:59] Kiwi Nitely: wow!
[18:59] Cady Enoch: did you feel disloyal to them?
[18:59] Legolas Ceawlin: Yesh. Among the lilliputians.
[19:00] Liska Fuchs: I've been to Raglan many times, but I've never felt unwelcome 'cause I wasn't a tiny
[19:00] Legolas Ceawlin: True, Liska. So I think it was mostly me.
[19:00] Caoilin Galthie: i guess i never realize that there is a tiny community in sl
[19:00] Legolas Ceawlin: Anyway - loved dancing to the biggie dance ball - that was very freeing
[19:01] Legolas Ceawlin: Cao, there are 1000 folks in the Friends of Raglan group - which is tinies
[19:01] Lludmila Mirrikh: Did anyone try to talk to Woodstock?
[19:01] Patapon Monday: what did you learn?
[19:01] Legolas Ceawlin: Someone asked why I was outlined.
[19:01] Kiwi Nitely: what kind of furry are you normally, lego?
[19:02] Legolas Ceawlin: Some wanted to eat woodstock
[19:02] Legolas Ceawlin: Raccoon, kiwi
[19:02] Kiwi Nitely: are u going back to a raccoon, or staying snoopy?
[19:02] Legolas Ceawlin: What did I learn..... That it's fun to be someone you aren't for awhile, but then it's good to be you again
[19:02] Legolas Ceawlin: Going back
[19:03] Legolas Ceawlin: Next?
[19:03] Angelina Expiento: I'll go
[19:03] Angelina Expiento: Well, I think I told Caoilin, I was kinda going for a look like Papa from the Shack if anyone's read that plus, adding a disability too so, I found that I've grown very fond of Angelina. I feel that my personality still comes thru
[19:04] Legolas Ceawlin: Brave about the disablity
[19:05] Angelina Expiento: but she doesn't really feel like me, but i really enjoy being her
[19:05] Kiwi Nitely: did people ask you what happened to you, why you are in a wheelchair?
[19:05] Caoilin Galthie: how?
[19:05] Angelina Expiento: it has really given me freedom in some ways
[19:05] Angelina Expiento: no, no one asked how the w/c
[19:06] Grizzy Griswold: the only thing I've done in SL that people asked about was the orb
[19:06] Legolas Ceawlin: wow. Did they comment at all?
[19:06] Liska Fuchs: Did people make the assumption that you were in a wheelchair in RL?
[19:06] CyFishy Traveler: It's a given that wheelchairs are voluntary in SL
[19:06] Angelina Expiento: well, i feel freerer in that i don't feel like i'm looked at like a potential partner
[19:06] Patapon Monday: yes
[19:06] Angelina Expiento: you know less um, sex appeal
[19:06] Caoilin Galthie: interesting
[19:06] Angelina Expiento: but that is nice actually
[19:06] Legolas Ceawlin: Ha. Tinies are like that....
[19:06] Caoilin Galthie: i used ot get hit on all the time in welcome areas
[19:06] Legolas Ceawlin: Kinda what Pat felt too...
[19:06] Patapon Monday: true lego
[19:06] Angelina Expiento: yes, that's true Legolas - i feel that as a fox too
[19:07] Caoilin Galthie: even though i say in my profile that i am married
[19:07] Skye Lewellen: yep me too not a whole lot of pick ups
[19:07] Angelina Expiento: so, i think the hardest part was the wheelchair
[19:07] Patapon Monday: yes cao it can be pretty creepy
[19:07] Angelina Expiento: i wanted to dance, but couldn't very gracefully
[19:07] Patapon Monday: no dancing!
[19:07] Angelina Expiento: yes creepy
[19:07] Angelina Expiento: but, i did make 2 new friends, which was really nice. i just knew they were being nice, not for any other reason
[19:08] Patapon Monday: acid test :)
[19:08] Angelina Expiento: one of them i even brought here the other night so, i think i will keep her around, but maybe not all the time or anything but, it funny how fond and even protective i've become of her
[19:09] Legolas Ceawlin: When you are in the mood
[19:09] Angelina Expiento: yes
[19:09] Angelina Expiento: so, i guess that's about it, well except that i did feel kinda like a fraud. i told one new friend it was an experiment, but not the other one
[19:10] Beginning Thursday: I felt about that way when I first incarnated here.
[19:11] Angelina Expiento: so, i think that's all for me
[19:11] Beginning Thursday: To the point that people are surprised to find out that Cy and I are operated by the same individual!
[19:11] Skye Lewellen: I'll go next if that's ok
[19:11] Angelina Expiento: i gotta log out to come back as Hazey
[19:11] Legolas Ceawlin: hb
[19:11] CyFishy Traveler: Running two viewers, and clicking back and forth between them.
[19:12] Ravishal Bentham: It's more common than you think :)
[19:12] Beginning Thursday: I use Snowglobe, Cy uses the Release Candidate viewer with a hack.
[19:13] Liska Fuchs: I know people who run their main av on their desktop, and their alt on their laptop, at the same time
[19:13] Lelani Carver: A friend seems to be split that way - she works as her AV.
[19:16] Lelani Carver: Did anyone do this completely from their inventory, or from freebies?
[19:16] Grizzy Griswold: me!
[19:16] Skye Lewellen: all from my inventory
[19:16] Glorfindel Arrow: last year I ws all freebees
[19:16] CyFishy Traveler doesn't really want to think about how much Lindenage got spend on himself and Beginning.
[19:16] Grizzy Griswold: I've completely lost track.. who is going now?
[19:16] Lludmila Mirrikh: I thought it was Skye.
[19:17] Lelani Carver: I had a freebie skin but was not happy with the way it looked.
[19:17] Skye Lewellen: I found that this avi brought me a lot of questions like aren't satyr's male?
[19:17] Lelani Carver: Well, where would little satyrs come from?
[19:17] Skye Lewellen: aren't they always horny or are you from narnia
[19:18] Grizzy Griswold: I must admit my satyr knowledge is pretty lacking
[19:18] Skye Lewellen: mostly i was ignored unless someone had an avatar or history question. i definitely lost all sex appeal which was kinda nice actually. i can't wait to get back to skye
[19:19] Grizzy Griswold: I would be kind of disturbed if you still had sex appeal like that
[19:19] Skye Lewellen: i miss pants and shoes and dresses
[19:19] Ravishal Bentham: She has appeal from the waist up :)
[19:19] Grizzy Griswold: I missed eyes and noses and mouths
[19:19] Skye Lewellen: lol Grizz i'm sure there's somewhere in sl they'd like this look
[19:19] Skye Lewellen: aww thank rav :)
[19:20] Skye Lewellen: that's about it.. oh and i can't build furniture or set poeballs with this av.. very irritating
[19:21] Kiwi Nitely: is that your normal face?
[19:21] Skye Lewellen: me? no
[19:21] Skye Lewellen: regular skin tho
[19:21] Skye Lewellen: i did change to horse eyes
[19:22] Lludmila Mirrikh: Hmmm, can one "make horse eyes" at someone else?
[19:22] Skye Lewellen: i learned that a known character is seen as just another option in sl and there's very little curiostiy
[19:23] Hazey Bigbear: so, can I ask you guys how did you all feel seeing me now, not having known me before angelina?

[19:24] Lludmila Mirrikh: Amazed.
[19:24] Kiwi Nitely: you look pretty hazey
[19:24] Beginning Thursday: It's quite the contrast.
[19:25] Hazey Bigbear: that's why i love angelina
[[19:25] Lludmila Mirrikh: Thanks for being so brave!
[19:25] Beginning Thursday understands completely.
[19:26] CyFishy Traveler: I'll be glad to go next and then Beginning.
[19:26] Grizzy Griswold: go ahead CyFishy
[19:26] CyFishy Traveler: Neither of us were treated any differently in our different avies but it took a bit of adjustment to see this avatar as 'me.
[19:27] Lludmila Mirrikh: It's pretty realistic.
[19:27] CyFishy Traveler: It was about what I went through when I first shifted to male.
[19:28] CyFishy Traveler: Yeah--I think that may be the other part of it.
[19:28] Caoilin Galthie: how do you usually look?
[19:28] Kiwi Nitely: are u female, cy?
[19:28] Skye Lewellen: that's an awesome skin cy
[19:28] Hazey Bigbear: it is
[19:28] CyFishy Traveler: Neither my male nor my female shape are particularly photorealistic.
[19:28] Lelani Carver: That's a very sharp looking suit too, Cy.
[19:28] CyFishy Traveler: I'm female in RL, for what it's worth. As I mentioned around the start of the evening, I felt more 'myself' when I put my glasses back on. The skin and shape I got at Chip Midnight's shop.
[19:30] Skye Lewellen: very nice stuff! my male alt needs work
[19:30] Lelani Carver: Ah. I didn't find many shops that had the look I was after.
[19:30] CyFishy Traveler: By the end of the week, I got a little more used to us.
[19:30] Hazey Bigbear: Do you usually have a female AV?
[19:30] Kiwi Nitely: which one did u like the best, cy?
[19:30] CyFishy Traveler: I might make use of this avie in a roleplay scenario.
[19:31] CyFishy Traveler: Hazey--I go back and forth between male and female, depending on my mood.
[19:32] Beginning Thursday: I found being a clockwork girl was also harder than I'd expected!
[19:32] Lludmila Mirrikh: All that winding?
[19:32] Beginning Thursday: I like being able to change my hair around on a moment's notice and slip on a different skin or outfit.
[19:32] Skye Lewellen: it's a cool av but it looks kinda limited
[19:32] Beginning Thursday: Exactly!
[19:33] Beginning Thursday: Plus, I switched off my AO, since it seemed the easiest way to walk like an automaton.
[19:33] Hazey Bigbear: can you change clothes?
[19:33] Beginning Thursday: I could have changed clothes, but they would have looked odd on the body I'd chosen. I threw together this dress to wear for the duration, so I wouldn't get in trouble for wandering around naked! So it was fun, and I may do it again sometimes.
[19:34] Skye Lewellen: a paper wrapper would be cool
[19:34] Beginning Thursday: But not for an entire week!
[19:34] Grizzy Griswold: I'm not being an orb again!
[19:35] CyFishy Traveler: Who's next?
[19:35] Lludmila Mirrikh: I'll go.
[19:35] Daedelus Clarity: I thought for a mathematically simple object, you had alot of personality.
[19:35] Lludmila Mirrikh: My experience wasn't much different from Beginning's I had the devil of a time just getting an outfit together. Then I was stuck with it.
[19:36] Skye Lewellen: you know next year maybe we can help each other with outfits
[19:36] Lludmila Mirrikh: I was away most of the week, but did my usual stuff when I got back: hunts. The only thing I noticed (other than being annoyed I couldn't change) was that ... no one talked to me. This hardly ever happens on a hunt.
[19:37] Hazey Bigbear: what is a hunt?
[19:37] Kiwi Nitely: u r a crossdresser. or a transvestite?
[19:37] Cady Enoch: like a scavenger hunt, Hazey
[19:37] Lludmila Mirrikh: Someone usually says (transvestite, Kiwi) something about the hunt or where something is.
[19:38] Skye Lewellen: i think you are doing something no one in sl does
[19:38] Lelani Carver: Yes.. you see the same people a few times, you get friendly faster.
[19:38] Kiwi Nitely: yes, i havent seen any
[19:38] Lludmila Mirrikh: I had that one odd conversation in the beginning with the guy who was in my house when I rezzed, and that was it.
[19:38] CyFishy Traveler: Bloke in a dress? Bone Mosten's done it a few times, according to his blog.
[19:38] Lludmila Mirrikh: And I put on a feminine AO - which I don't even wear as a female.
[19:38] Kiwi Nitely: only at a costume party
[19:39] Lludmila Mirrikh: I think they're creepy.
[19:39] Skye Lewellen: i've seen the guy in the dress but somehow llud's different
[19:39] Lludmila Mirrikh: Well, I didn't really want to wear a dress for some reason. It didn't fit right.
[19:39] Lelani Carver laughs remembering a man in a bikini and a whole lot of 7Seas fish
[19:39] Hazey Bigbear: are you a male in RL Lludmila?
[19:39] Lludmila Mirrikh: And I liked it too much to mess with it.
[19:39] Skye Lewellen: llud's mixing more than most
[19:39] Lludmila Mirrikh: No, I'm female.
[19:40] Hazey Bigbear: ah, well, that is mixing it up then
[19:40] Lludmila Mirrikh: These boots were the only thing that fit the feet. But they're hot, aren't they?
[19:40] Cady Enoch: like Victor Victoria ;)
[19:40] Skye Lewellen: they're perfect lol
[19:40] Hazey Bigbear: Julie Andrews
[19:40] Lludmila Mirrikh: I did that in RL once -
[19:40] Hazey Bigbear: I knew that was a movie!
[19:40] Lludmila Mirrikh: Went as a female impersonator.
[19:40] Lelani Carver: Hee! this is the part where you pull off your wig and everybody gasps.
[19:40] Hazey Bigbear: hard to wrap the brain around
[19:41] Lludmila Mirrikh: I love messing with people.
[19:41] Hazey Bigbear: female playing male playing female or something like that
[19:41] Glorfindel Arrow: did your Humanisitas have anything to say??
[19:42] Lludmila Mirrikh: I wasnt' around for that. I doubt they'd say more than "Nice boots, Llud!"
[19:44] Grizzy Griswold: who would like to go next?
[19:44] Caoilin Galthie: i will
[19:44] Caoilin Galthie: unfortunately i did not get to participate much this past week but i did have an interesting experience. cady and i have been talking about my uisng a male avatar to lead the wed evening service at the cathedral so i created one, and logged it to try it out and went to a place that i oftentimes go, and am known as caoilin. well, while i was there, none talked to me! or said hello or initiated conversation, even though i appeared to be new to sl
[19:46] Skye Lewellen: yep standard reaction to *male
[19:46] Caoilin Galthie: i finally did join the conversation and that went fine
[19:46] Skye Lewellen: my male av gets ignored unless a g/f wants a dance partner
[19:47] Caoilin Galthie: but it gave me new insight into what it is like to be new in sl and not really sure abut it but also, this time as a newbie male instead of a newbie female so that probably made a difference too
[19:48] Hazey Bigbear: how did you feel as a guy cao?
[19:48] Caoilin Galthie: strange
[19:48] Hazey Bigbear: in what way?
[19:48] Kiwi Nitely: you have always been a girl on sl?
[19:48] Caoilin Galthie: i think i have come to identify as cao in sl, so it felt strange to be someone different in sl
[19:48] Cady Enoch: I do think people may be more leery of male strangers in SL
[19:49] Grizzy Griswold: yeah, I've always been a woman in SL and so being a male in SL would seem weird to me too despite the fact that I am male irl
[19:49] Caoilin Galthie: and here is something else
[19:51] Grizzy Griswold: Glor hasn't gone yet
[19:51] Glorfindel Arrow: oh ok
[19:51] Glorfindel Arrow: I felt pretty silly for a few days as a furry
[19:52] Hazey Bigbear: glor you are a guy?
[19:52] Glorfindel Arrow: people I knew would ask what's up, and I told them it was international change your av week....lolll
[19:52] Hazey Bigbear: i assumed you were a girl. i don't know why. maybe cause you look so cute and cuddly
[19:52] Glorfindel Arrow: yeah, that was the other thing, being cute and cuddley. I went to a few places to see if I would get a reaction and nobody was there, lolol i went to a big meeting of the sailing community, I was the only furry there, but everyone was interested in the meeting
[19:54] Kiwi Nitely: how could they not comment on you, Glor?
[19:54] Glorfindel Arrow: not many furries sailing, dunno why
[19:55] Glorfindel Arrow: yeah, so even tho i did a litle better in the races I think i will be glad to change back
[19:55] Kiwi Nitely: so did u sail, like that, Glor?
[19:55] Glorfindel Arrow: 100 prims less than 'Owen Wilson'lol
[19:55] CyFishy Traveler: I guess you were your own lucky rabbit's foot.
[19:56] Glorfindel Arrow: yeah, it was about the same as normal
[19:56] Lludmila Mirrikh: You didn't stop to nap in the middle of a race?
[19:56] Glorfindel Arrow: except my feet didn't touch the deck on some of the boats heheheh
[19:57] Glorfindel Arrow: heheh, i do lose concentration sometimes
[19:59] Glorfindel Arrow: so what did I learn, any change makes you look at things a little differently I guess, but things go on about the same
[19:59] Skye Lewellen: it'll be good to have you back Glor
[20:00] Grizzy Griswold: yeah, I miss our Owen Wilson lookalike


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