Walk a mile in another avatar's shoes wrap-up.

Tonight was the wrap up for the annual walk a mile in another avatar's shoes event. If you missed the start read about it here. This discussion will make more sense after you read about what everyone did for the week and why.

Thanks again to Lludmila Mirrikh for the pictures

The transcript for the wrap-up discussion is below:

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Prolong my showgirl career

On March 24th at Grizzy's Cafe, you donated 53,000L to the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life. My team is Spinners for Life. As of today March 25th, our team is currently ranked 11th. This is mostly due to your overwhelming generousity last night. You gave almost 200 American dollars.

I promised that if 40,000L were raised I would dress as a showgirl fulltime while in SL. I am going to make good on that promise. However some of you expressed disappointment that you were not able to increase the longetivity of my career as a showgirl farther. I am now going to give you that option, but it is going to be very pricy.

If you go to http://www.rflofsl.org and scroll down to where it says "Team Totals." You can see the ranking of our teams. My last day as a showgirl is currently April 21st. At that point, whether my showgirl career continues depends on the ranking of Spinners for Life.

If Spinners is in the top 10, I will add one additional week onto my time.

If Spinners is in the top 5, I will add two additional weeks onto my time.

If they are in the top 3, I will add 4 additional weeks and if they are ranked number one I will add 8 weeks.

If you want to donate and make sure the money gets counted towards Spinners for Life, there is a kiosk downstairs in the club. Good luck.

I have added a title to my outfit which tells how much money the Grizzy's Cafe kiosk has and the current estimate of how long I will be a showgirl.

Thanks to all my fantastic club patrons!

The Relay for Life event was a tremendous success! I cannot believe how generous my club patrons were with their Lindens. We raised 50000L! That is nearly 200 bucks of RL cash. I thought that the total would probably be around 15000L, maybe 20000L. I am really amazed and incredibly proud that we raised so much. Thank you all for your generousity! .....and as a result, I now have to dress as a showgirl until April 21st, so if you see me in world between now then, I'll have feathers on my butt and fishnets on my legs. Next time I do this, the goal to make me humiliate myself will be higher!

Relay for Life fundraising, Aster Estates

Revised slightly: 3/19/2009

Hey everyone,

I am coming out of a long period of non-posting to spam your friends page with some advertisements.

FIRST, Please mark your calendars for March 24th and be sure to be at Grizzy's Cafe at 6:30slt. We will be raising money for Relay for Life. My DJ Edward Bournemouth will be having his famous Bournemouth Ulitimatum. Basically how it works is, Ed threatens to play songs that are pretty much famous for being hated: Seasons in the Sun, Feelings, Afternoon Delight, MacArthur Park, Achy Breaky Heart, and many more of that ilk. You can stop him from playing by bidding on a song, or if you really like Midnight at the Oasis, you finally have a socially acceptable way to request that it be played by bidding FOR the song. Some songs have been controversial enough to inspire some pretty heated bidding wars.

If that wasn't reason enough to come, your money not only goes to Cancer Research AND preventing bad music from being played. It also goes towards me publicly humiliating myself in SL. If we reach a 5000L goal, I will dress in nothing but showgirl costumes for an entire week. You will not see me for a week without a corset, ostrich feathers, a top hat, or bunny ears and a tail. This will especially be interesting on Sunday when I usually attend SL Bible Studies and church services.

If the 5000L goal is reached early enough in the event that there is a significant amount of time left, I may be willing to sweeten the pot, by agreeing to add time to my sentence. The deeper your pockets are the longer the period of time that I play dressup. If you have enough money, you can severely limit my sartorial choices for a long time.

So if you really love or really hate Brand New Key or you've always wanted to see more of my avatar's pretty skin that I payed a lot of money for, please be there on Tuesday, March 24th and bring a friend. Remember its ultimately not about musical tastes or making me look slutty. Its about helping fund Cancer research.

Also if you or anyone else in SL is looking for a place to rent, please consider Aster Estates (www.asterestates.com). The homes are not only nice but they help support Grizzy's Cafe. They basically pay for my sim. You can also rent by visiting the vendor kiosk just outside of the door to the club.


So I decided to make Halloween week at the club one big long costume party. I've done enough themed events at the Cafe that half of my wardrobe is costumes of one sort or another so it wasn't hard to do, but I wanted something new and different for the big Halloween party which was tonight. I'd never done a group costume before SL so I thought I'd do that. So for those who missed it, here are me, LaDonna, and Skye as.....

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Fun outfits and a fun event. Thought I'd share.

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There is one thing about SL that is simultaneously one of the worst and one of the best things about it. You get exposed to people who have a variety of viewpoints. Let's face it. Despite the fact that in life we may attempt to socialize with lots of different types of people, we usually end up with people who generally think like we do. The reason why is both because of the areas we live in and because we generally take part in rl activities that interest us which probably attract the same types of people. SL just dumps people from all over the world with widely differing worldviews into one big place.
I like that about SL because I like to hear other people's points of views. It makes me rethink my own. Sometimes over a long period of time it changes it my mind. Its a good thing. It also can be extremely frustrating to me. The main reason is because it seems like there are a lot of people in SL that have views that are so extreme that I find it hard to have a civil conversation with them.
I've been told that I am going to hell or that I'm not a true Christian because I don't believe x by religious people in sl more times than I can count. I think I've had something like that said to me maybe 3 or 4 times in rl and it was by some crazy guy yelling on a street corner with a Bible that everyone was ignoring. I've also been told that I am a delusional idiot that needs to be deprogrammed because I believe in God by countless SL atheists and humanists. I don't remember that EVER happening to me in rl.
I am not for regulating SL to death. I do not like most of the sexual aspects of SL's content, but I am willing to let it continue to exist. However some of it is demeaning to other human beings and promotes extremely unhealthy attitudes towards women and I'm sorry I have to speak out against those things. The people who practice such things act as if it should be their right to mistreat people because its a virtual reality world. They also act like I should just put up with or leave.

All these people that I've mention are extremists, but I think due to anonymity and lack of potential for physical harm, extremists are more comfortable being extreme in sl. It makes SL harder for people who AREN'T extremists though.

Then there is politics. This actually is not much different in SL then it is in RL. It just seems there are more people who disagree with me in SL and everyone in SL is more vocal about politics than in RL (at least where I am from). I try to discuss things civilly, but I do have strong feelings that one of the 2 candidates would not be a good choice and he seems to be the more popular candidate in sl. I am usually in the minority and I get ganged up on and my side's views on issues tend to get twisted by those who disagree with me into over the top cartoon demonized versions of the actual argument. I've seen the same thing done by my side of the aisle. I'm not saying its exclusive. I'm just saying it makes me uncomfortable.
During a time like this, if the nation is going to be unified in any way, a presidential candidate being elected is not what is going to do it. We need to realize that we all are trying to do what we think is best for our nation and the world. Its just that we have very different ideas about how to go about it. That's the general case. Also neither candidate is perfect. Neither candidate is fully good or fully bad. They all have their share of things that should be looked into and investigated.

What this comes down to is this: At the Cafe the other night, Glor mentioned that most of what we talk about is TV and movies and music and asked why don't we talk about something else. I have also received request to include more discussion topics, which I would LOVE to do. The reason things are the way they are is because I'm becoming reluctant to give my opinion on anything of importance in sl (politics, religion, you name it) except in the presence of close friends or in groups designated for that specific topic, because I am afraid of starting something ugly whenever I do. I want Grizzy's Cafe to be a place where we can have meaningful discussions, but more than I want it to be a place where everyone feels welcome and comfortable, and people respect each other. I'm not entirely sure how to have both. Do you have any ideas about how to do this or any suggestions for topics that people can talk about civilly?